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In The Basket: Indonesian Gift Basket

By 5280 Gourmet 1 years ago 586 Views No comments

Have a look at the amazing sauces and spices in our Indonesian Gift Basket with will allow anything to cook a delicious Southeast Asian meal at home!

Conimex Sambal Oelek

Sambal is an Indonesian chili pepper paste made from ground fresh lombok chili peppers. This spicy sauce is commonly use as a dipping sauce or marinade for fish, chicken, and ribs. It is a great sauce because you can use it to add heat to a dish without impacting the flavor.

Conimex Ketjap Manis

Soy sauce in an Asian food staple. In Indonesia, almost 90% of the soy sauce produced is Ketjap Manis, a sweet soy sauce. This favorite is a fermented soy sauce sweetened with palm sugar molasses. Compared to regular salty soy sauce, this sweet variety has a darker color and a thick syrup like consistency. Ketjap Manis is used to add mild sweet and umami flavors in Indonesian cooking.

Conimex Pinda Satesaus

Sate is an Indonesian seasoned, skewered, and grilled meat dish served with sauces. This Pinda Satesaus is a Peanut Sate Sauce, used to top these delicious grilled meats.

Conimex Seroendeng

Seroendeng is an Indonesian sauteed grated coconut dish often used as a rice or noodles side dish. This Conimex Seroendeng also includes roasted peanuts and spices for added flavor and crunch.

Conimex Curry Sauce

A Indonesian curry sauce crafted from chicken curry with a mild, slightly sweet taste. A versatile curry that would complement any meat dish.

Conimex Bahmi Goreng

Bahmi is one of Indonesia's most well known dishes with fried noodles, spices, fresh vegetables, and pork. This packet of Bahmi Goreng is a perfect bahmi seasoning mix with vegetables and spices. An easy way to elevate your home made bahmi to a more authentic flavor.

Conimex Nasi Goreng

A packet of vegetables and spice seasoning mix to create Indonesian fried rice, nasi. Indonesian fried rice is aromatic, earthy, and smoky in flavor. It is known to have a stronger flavor and is spicier than Chinese fried rice.

Honig Mie Noodle

A packet Indonesian noodles are perfect for making bahmi. Combine this with the gift basket's Bahmi Goreng, vegetables, and pork for a great dish of bahmi!

Our standard 8 item Indonesian Gift Basket includes one of everything and starts at $58.00. Upgrade to our larger 12 item basket for an extra +$25.00.

CLICK HERE to shop our Indonesian Gift Basket now.

In The Basket: Japanese Gift Basket

By 5280 Gourmet 1 years ago 534 Views No comments

5280 Gourmet's new Japanese Gift Basket is full of new exciting items from Japan! Gift someone the essentials of a Japanese kitchen. Here's a look at some of the delicious goodies.

Yuzu Pao Red

A sriracha style spicy fermented red chile sauce with a yuzu citrus edge. Yuzu is a native asian citrus fruit that is extremely fragrant, tart, and sour. So instead of going for a dab of sriracha next time, try this!

Yuzu Kosho

A classic Japanese rub made of yuzu zest, kombu seaweed, chile pepper, and salt. Kosho literally means "pepper". The mix of citrus, umami, and heat serve as a great rub for pork, beef, fish, and chicken. Or use it in one pot recipes or stir fry dishes. A flavorful condiment that can add a kick to all your cooking.

Haku Matsutake Shoyu

Shoyu is Japanese style soy sauce that has a subtle sweet flavor and is less harsh compared to regular soy sauce. Haku then infused this shoyu with matsutake mushrooms. Matsutake is prized in Asia for its distinct spicy-aromatic odor. The marriage of shoyu and matsutake created an earthy, umami, and mushroom flavored sauce with hints of pine.

Haku Sakura Cherry Blossom Shoyu

Another shoyu from Haku, their Sakura Cherry Blossom Shoyu captures the perfume of sakura cherry tree flowers in a bottle of soy sauce. The makers take freshly gathered sakura cherry tree blossoms, salts, and dips them in a vinegar brine. The blossoms are then added to shoyu and left to age. This slowly brings together the perfume and color of the flowers with the umami soy sauce. A flavor combination that is truely like no other.

Yakami Orchard Yuzu Marmalade

An exotic yuzu twist to your typical marmalade. Use it for breakfasts, desserts, or glazes.

Yakami Orchard Yuzu Ponzu

Ponzu is a citrus sauce traditionally used as a dressing or dip. Ponzu can be made any variety of citrus as its base, but in this case they use yuzu. You can use this ponzu as a dressing or sauce for grilled or pan fried fish, meats, and vegetables. Or create an extraordinary dipping sauce for sashimi.

Yakami Orchards Sudachi Juice

A bottle of squeezed Sudachi Juice from Yakami Orchards in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. Sudachi is a small, round, green Japanese citrus fruit that is sour. similar to a lemon or lime. Their flavor is best described as rich citrus with accents of white pepper and cumin. This juice is coveted by chefs and mixologists for its wonderful acidity that cuts through fatty proteins and added balance to cocktails.

Namikura Yuzu Miso

Miso is a traditional Japanese paste made of fermented soybeans with salt and koji. Miso provides a delicious strong umami flavor to foods. This yuzu miso was fermented with chunks of yuzu fruit and yuzu zest to add bright floral, yuzu tart flavors to the traditional recipe. Miso paste can be mixed into sauces, dressings, batters, and soups and consumed either cooked or raw.

Recipe: Melon con Jamón

By 5280 Gourmet 1 years ago 435 Views No comments

If you have real, premium Spanish Iberico serrano, you must try this classic Spanish appetiser—Melon con Jamón! This dish combines sweet, fruity melon with salty, rich ham. Melon con Jamón is a favorite of summer treats in Europe. Serve this appetiser on a hot Summer day with a sweet wine.

Melon con Jamón


1. Ripe Cantaloupe (Rock) or Honeydew Melon
2. Thinly sliced Serrano
3. Toothpicks


1. Prep the melon by washing and removing the seeds.
2. Cut the melon into bite sized (1.5 in/4 cm) cubes.
3. Cut the serrano into strips.
4. Wrap the melon with a strip of serrano and use a toothpick to hold the ham in place.
5. Serve at room temperature.


  • Prepare this appetizer right before serving so that the serrano does not sit on the melon for too long and become soggy.
  • Make sure the melon is not served cold as that diminishes its flavor.

In The Basket: Fermin Iberico Meat

By 5280 Gourmet 1 years ago 368 Views No comments

In 1956 Fermin Martin and his wife, Victoriana Gomez, started the company Fermin. For more than 60 years now the company has been raising and producing premium 100% Iberico meat on their farm and pastures in Spain.

Iberico is a unique, specialty breed of pig bred from the wild boars of the Mediterranean basin. What makes this breed so special and desirable for quality meat products is their ability to develop healthy fat throughout their muscles, producing a beautiful marbling.

These Iberico pigs are raised free ranging in meadows dotted with oaks trees and carpeted with cool grass. The grass and oaks on this idyllic landscape provide pasture and acorns on which these pigs feast. The Iberico pigs will eat 6-10 kilograms of acorns and 3-4 kilograms of natural pastures, doubling their weight. The high acorn diet adds a buttery flavor, delicate texture, and strong coloring and aroma to the meat. The active free range lifestyle also helps marble the Iberico pigs' muscles with fat by walking up to 15 kilometres a day. This develops strong, finely marbled muscles with great texture, flavor, and juiciness for the final product.

The perfectly raised pork is then cured to make ham. The meat is first salted for 3-4 months to preserve the meat. Once the meat is thoroughly dehydrated all the way through, it is transferred to a drying and maturing area for aging. The temperature and humidity is controlled through old fashioned opening and closing of windows partnered with the local climate. The warm days cause the fat from the meat to sweat. The cool nights then concentrate the flavors. The pieces of meat will loose 30 to 40% of their weight during this process, locking in and super concentrating the meats' flavors. Depending on the type of meat being produced, pieces are aged for 10 up to 36 months. A ham master then inspects the final product's look, smell, and feel to determine when it has perfected and is ready for packaging.

In addition to traditional ham, Fermin also creates exquisite serrano, chorizo, and salchichón from their Iberico meats.

Experience traditional Spanish ham that's a cut above the rest with Fermin's luxurious 100% Iberico meat.

Fermin meat is featured in 5280 Gourmet gifts such as the Big European Charcuterie and Cheese Baskets and Epicurean Charcuterie Basket with Spanish Iberico Salumi Baskets. Fermin ham, serrano, and salchichon are also available on 5280 Gourmet as an add-on so you can mix and match it to other gift baskets.

Want to try it yourself? Order a packet of this delicious delicacy for your own enjoyment from 5280 Market.

NEW European Cheese Basket

By Ginny Tory 1 years ago 282 Views No comments

Put those new cheese board arranging skills to use! 5280 Gourmet has a new customizable European Cheese Basket available. This basket contains all the cheeses, sides, and wines one would need to design a beautiful and delicious cheese arrangement for your next special occasion.

This basket comes with the option of including 3-8 cheeses. All of the cheeses were carefully selected and imported from across Europe. They range from French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, English, Swiss, Danish, and more cheeses. Taste your way through Europe's master crafted cheeses on your next cheese tasting.

A selection of sides are also included to add some sweet and savory notes to your board. The options includes such items as Aintzia Farms Spanish Piparra Peppers, Losada Pitted Natural Olives Mix, Bella Maria Marcona Almonds, La Laperelle Caperberries, Lunardi Italian Accacia Truffle Honey, and Sperlari Mostarda.

Round your tasting off with 1-3 bottles of wine. Select from chardonnay, merlot, cabaret, or riesling Colorado wines.

The European Cheese Basket is available starting at $95.00.

Arranging Your Cheese Platter

By 5280 Market 1 years ago 470 Views No comments

The cheese board at any occasion is both a visual and taste journey. A beautifully curated and arranged board can wow you guests. So how do you create the perfect cheese board?

The Board

The cheese board is the canvas to your arrangement. Wood and stone boards are popular choices as they give a nice polished background which the colorful cheeses, meats, and fruits can visually pop on.

The board should also be large enough to hold all of the food. A platter too small or too large can look too crowded or sparse.

You'll also want to provide a knife for each cheese on the board. Cheese markers is also a nice touch so guests can know what each option is.

The Cheeses

There are thousands and thousands of cheese. For a well rounded cheese board, you will want to pick a variety of textures and flavors from soft to hard and mild to sharp. You can also mix up the type of milk by including some goat or sheep cheese. Read our blog Know Your Cheeses to learn more about the different types of cheese.

Having a wide variety on the board allows one to explore cheese pairings. And in case someone doesn't like one flavor, there are others to try.

The cheeses should be served at room temperature, so let them sit out for 10-15 minutes before serving.

The Extras

Accompany your cheese selection with an equally varying array of extras. Add in bread, sweet, and savory foods of different colors and textures to add even more depth for the senses to enjoy.


  • Crackers
  • Breads - toasted baguette, crusty sourdough bread, etc.
  • Bread Sticks


  • Dried Fruits - cranberries, cherries, figs, apricots, strawberries, mangoes, etc.
  • Fresh Fruits - grapes, berries, cherries, melons, etc.
  • Fruit Preserves
  • Honeys


  • Nuts
  • Cured Meats - prosciutto, salami, chorizo, jerky, etc.
  • Marinated Olives
  • Pickles

The Arrangement

The arrangement of your cheeses should be a guide. It should tell someone in what order things should be tried and how to try them.

Place the cheeses down in a clockwise arrangement from softest to hardest in texture. But if you have included a blue cheese, place it at the very end. This will show that the order in which the cheese should be tasted, from the mildest to the most intense flavor.

Next, display the cheese in the way they should be eaten. Cut a small wedge out of a mini wheel. Slice up some of the semi-firm cheese wedge into triangle slices. Chunk some cheese off the tip of a firm cheese. This will show how each cheese should be cut. Then leave knives off to the side so guests can cut more cheese as the blocks are consumed.

Space the cheeses out so you have room between them. Sprinkle in pockets of the extras in between the cheese to fill in the rest of the board.

Place a small serving bowl and spoon on the board to serve the liquid foods such as preserves and honeys.

RECIPE: 5 Hors d'oeuvres ideas from Gift Basket Items

By 5280 Gourmet 1 years ago 725 Views No comments

NEW Flouwer Co Crackers

By 5280 Gourmet 1 years ago 197 Views No comments

Grown fresh in the garden and baked with love in the kitchen—Flouwer Co. creates unique artisanal crackers from garden to gathering.

Flouwer Co. is a local Colorado, women-owned small business that handcrafts small batch crackers. These crackers are made of simple natural, vegan-friendly ingredients: flour, fresh flowers and herbs, organic sugar, sea salt, and brown rice flour. The whole flowers and herbs baked into the crackers are grown on a family farm in Idaho that has been growing certified organic produce from 1989.

Their flagship flavor No. 1 is filled with rosemary, dill, basil, and chives. The fresh herbs provide flavor while the small edible flowers add a colorful flare. These beautiful and tasty crackers would look fabulous on any cheese or charcuterie board. The No. 1 crackers pairs perfectly with a dry or earthy wine, a smooth nutty cheese, and fruit jams and preserves.

Flouwer Co. also uses sustainable packaging with recyclable paper and biodegradable cellulose cellophane. So you can enjoy this snack knowing everything about this product is earth-friendly.

Add a package of these hand grown, hand picked, handcrafted crackers to your 5280 Gourmet basket for just $8.99.

Summer Picnic Snack Crates

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Grab a checkered blanket, a great book, and a 5280 snack crate for an afternoon picnic, because what is a better way to relax than reading under a shady tree during a warm Colorado Summer. Just add in a cold drink and some tasty snacks to complete the perfect afternoon. 5280 Gourmet has four snack crates tailored just for such an occasion.

Colorado Sophisticated Snacker Crate

Feel sophisticated with a crate of crisps and toppings. Spread on top a slice of River Bear summer sausage, some PRiMO preserve, Olive Harvest tapenade, Mo's mustard, or a bit of Haystack Mountain marinated cheese.

Colorado Super Salty Spicy Snacker Crate

A crate of salty and spicy snacks with chips, dip, and extras. Dip Bolder Tortillas corn chips in the jar of Imperio salsa or use the avocado, lime, and chili flakes to create your own spicy guacamole. Mix in the Climax Jerky buffalo jerky and Bolder Beans spicy pickled green beans in your snacking for variety.

Colorado 5280 Snack Crate

A crate of classic Colorado snacks including Denver Chip Co. potato chips, The Real Dill pickles, Bolder Beans pickled green beans, Climax Jerky elk jerky, Oogles popcorn, and our own 5280Gourmet.com cinnamon roasted almonds.

Colorado Sunday Afternoon Snack Crate

Another crate of classic Colorado snacks containing Imperio tortilla chips and salsa, Bolder Beans pickled green beans, Denver Chip Co. potato chips, Climax Jerky buffalo jerky, and our own 5280Gourmet.com cinnamon roasted almonds.

All of these snack crates come in reusable handmade recycled wood crates. A nice keepsake to use on future picnics!

Available now on 5280Gourmet.com for $75.00.

RECIPE: Pueblo Chile Peach Deliciousness Glazed Salmon with Red Camper

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Red Camper's preserves capture the flavors of a summertime picnic in a jar. The fresh, fruity spreads are perfect for toasts and cheeses, but another great use is for glazing. Here is a recipe for a Peach Glazed Salmon using Red Camper's Pueblo Chile Peach Deliciousness preserve, one of their new 2019 flavors.


  • 2 half pound salmon fillets, sustainably sourced
  • 1 10oz bag of frozen organic sliced peaches (or fresh if its that time of year)
  • 2 Tbsp- Pueblo Chile Peach Deliciousness
  • 1 Tbsp- butter or vegan butter
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp- brown sugar
  • 1 Tbsp- soy sauce
  • 2 Tbsp- whole grain mustard
  • 1 Tbsp- olive oil
  • 1 1/2 tsp- freshly grated ginger
  • 1/4 tsp- kosher salt
  • 1/4 tsp- freshly ground pepper


    Preheat your oven to 450° F and place your salmon fillets in a well greased baking sheet.

    Melt the Pueblo Chile Peach Deliciousness, butter, and brown sugar in a sauce pan over medium heat. Once the butter is melted and the combination is smooth, turn off the heat. Immediately add the soy sauce, mustard, olive oil, ginger, salt, and pepper and mix well. allow your glaze to cool for 5 minutes.

    While you're letting the glaze cool you can dice your peaches. Cutting each slice into thirds makes for good size peach chunks.

    Brush half of your glaze onto the salmon, and stir the remaining into your diced peaches. Pour your glazed peaches directly over the salmon fillets. Bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes. Remove the salmon from the oven, change the heat setting to broil on high, and move your oven rack so it is 4-5 inches below the heat source. Return the baking sheet to the oven and allow to broil for five minutes until the glaze is set and the peaches are browned.

    Serve your salmon over a bed of white rice and enjoy your sweet, savory, healthy meal!

    Original recipe and photo courtesy of Red CamperCLICK HERE.

    Red Camper preserves are available from 5280 Gourmet as individual add-ons and can be found featured in a number of our gift baskets.