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NEW CBD Wellness Gift Basket

By 5280 Gourmet 4 months ago 128 Views No comments

There are perks to being in Colorado—sun, mountains, and of course CBD.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has a wide range of potential health benefits such as help with sleep, pain, anxiety, etc. Because of these qualities, CBD has quickly become a popular product in Colorado. Infused into both food and drinks, there are a multitude of easy—and tasty—ways to reap the benefits of CBD.

5280 Gourmet is happy to offer a CBD version of our Health and Wellness Gift Basket.

This basket includes CBD infused Weller snack and sparkling water, Kefla tea, and Gataka chocolate along with all of the normal Health and Wellness Gift Basket goodies.

Our standard CBD Health and Wellness Gift Basket is available starting at $89. A large version—big enough for a family or small office—is available starting at $145.00.

NEW Wellness Gift Basket

By 5280 Gourmet 4 months ago 173 Views No comments

5280 Gourmet has a new Wellness and Health Food Gift Basket—AVAILABLE NOW!

Contents include items such as seasonal fresh fruits, dried fruits, fruit smoothies/juices, kombuchas, organic teas, nut butters, recovery drinks, and apple cider vinegar shots. All this in a lovely willow basket for $69.00, delivered to your recipient.

Fresh fruits are excellent sources of vital vitamins and minerals.

Nut butters are high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats. These fats are good for your heart and cholesterol.

Kombucha, a popular fermented tea beverage, is rich in probiotics and antioxidants. The drink provides healthy bacteria to your gut, allowing more nutrients to be absorbed.

Apple cider vinegar has helpful antioxidants and supports your immune and digestive systems.

Teas can boost your energy levels, flush out toxins, help your immune and digestive systems, and destress after a long day.

This is a gift basket chalk full of of nutrients, probiotics, detoxifiers, and energy! Gift this to friends and family to show them you care about their health and well-being.

A can of Teaura Boost tea is included in the package, but you can upgrade with Teaura's Detox (+$4.99) and/or Energy (+$2.99) tea in our standard wellness basket. All delicious, healthy options!

If you have a big group you're gifting to, this basket comes in a large variety that can serve 2-5 and up to 5-8 people!